51. Act your age.

What's up? You look exhausted.

I have been hooked on video games for the last few days.

How old are you? Act your age.

Look who's talking. Mind your own business.

Don't talk back to me. I'll kick your ass.

OK. I'll come to my senses soon.

52. Knock it off.

The iPad5 is coming out next month.

Wow, I have to wait in line from early morning.

Since when did you get interested in the latest gadget?

You can't fool me. I wasn't born yesterday.

No offense but, you barely know it.

Knock it off. You don't have to rub it in.

53. I don't buy it.

You'll never guess what happened last night.

What she stood you up or what?

Exactly. Don't you think she plays hard to get?

I'm sure she really likes to play the field.

According to rumors, she has feelings for you.

I don't buy it. I have a lot on my mind.

54. I'm not picky about food.

Guess what? How old do I look?

Well, you are in the mid-30s.

Actually, I'm pushing 40.

Really? You look younger for your age.

Thanks. I get that a lot. What are you up for?

Anything. I'm not picky about food.

55. He has gone for the today.

Is Jason off today? He's not answering the phone.

He has gone for the today for a family emergency.

Thank you for the information.

I'm in charge of this project, so you can tell me.

Sorry to bother you, but can you do me a favor?

Sure thing. What do you need?

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drawer   서랍

occupy   사용하다

  -> A chair is occupied.

secure   vt. 고정시키다 ; 얻다, 획득하다

  -> A monitor is being secured to a desk.

hang up   전화를 끊다

  -> She is hanging up the phone.

mow   잔디를 깎다

  -> Some grass is being mowed.

railing   난간

pile up   쌓이다

  -> Some chairs have been piled up next to a table.

ledge   선반

  -> Floral arrangements have been put on a ledge.

examine, inspect, check, see, look at, face   보다

leaning over  (~대상 위로) 몸을 숙이다

lean forward (상체를 앞으로) 숙이다

be squatting down 쪼그리고 앉다



bilingual   a. 두개의 언어를 사용할 줄 아는 

  -> She is bilingual in English and Punjabi.

an assortment of  여러 가지의

  -> a wide assortment of gifts to choose from

news updates  뉴스 업데이트 (명사구)

throughout   pre. 도처에 / ~동안 죽, 내내

  -> They export their products to markets throughout the world.

  -> The museum is open daily throughout the year.

eagerly   ad. 열망하여, 열심히, 간절히

otherwise  ad. 그렇지 않으면, 그 외에는

  -> My parents lent me the money. Otherwise, I couldn't have afforded the trip.

  -> He was slightly bruised but otherwise unhurt.

moreover   ad. 게다가, 더욱이

  -> A talented artist, he was, moreover, a writer of some note.

look forward to doing[something]   ~하기를 고대하다

  -> Well, we look forward to doing business with you as soon as possible.

nonetheless   ad. 그렇기는 하지만, 그렇더라도

  -> The book is too long but, nonetheless, informative and entertaining,

once   conj. ~하자마자, ~할 때

  -> We didn't know how we would cope once the money had gone.

  -> The water is fine once you're in!

possess   vt. 소유하다

  -> He was charged with possessing a shotgun without a licence.

secure   a. 안심하는

  -> For further information regarding the course assignment policy, click on the "policies and Procedures" tab on the secure website.

reward   vt. 보상하다

  -> She was rewarded for her efforts with a cash bonus.

distribute  v. 나누어 주다, 분배하다 ; 유통시키다

  -> The organization distributed food to earthquake victims.

  -> Who distributes our products in the UK?

inform / notify / remind /  advise / convince   A of B (앞에서 뒤로 번역)

convince   v. 납득시키다

  -> You'll need to convince them of your enthusiasm for the job.

* ing / p.p 선택

 1. remaining or remained table  (a. 남아 있는)

 2. attaching or attached file (능동 or 수동: 사물은 ed)

 3. disappointing or disappointed result (감정 동사 : 사람은 ed, 사물은 ing)

be popular with  누구에게 ~인기가 있다.

comply with => compliance with

comply   vi. 따르다, 준수하다

  -> They refused to comply with the UN resolution.

compliance   n. 준수, 따름

  -> Procedure that bust be followed to ensure full compliance with the law.

* to 부정사 : need / plan / offer / decide / expect / strive / intend

* 전치사 to : be subject to / look forward to / in addition to / be committed to / prior to

be subject to   ~ 의 대상이다

* 전치사

to  ~에게 / ~향해서

as + S + V  ~ 때문에, 처럼

as + ing / n   ~로서

as + p.p  ~된 대로


 1) for two months (~동안에)

 2) for the meeting (~위해서(목적))

 3) for 10 dollars (대가로)

 4) for your dedication (~인해서)

* 형용사 / ing

 1) She is attractive (그녀는 매력적이다)

 2) a way of attracting customers (동명사 : 고객을 끄는 방법)

intend to   ~할 계획이다

unexpectedly   뜻밖에, 예상외로, 갑자기

typically   보통, 일반적으로 (= usually)

  -> The factory typically produces 500 chairs a week.

presumably   아마, 짐작건대 (= probably)

  -> Presumably this is where the accident happened.

regarding   pre. ~에 관하여 (= concerning)

  -> She has said nothing regarding your request.

* 4형식 동사의 수동태 (give / send / assign / award / offer)

   She sent him a gift.  ->  He was sent a gift.

a variety of = a range of = a selection of = an array of = a diversity of = an assortment of

* 명사 ---- 명사 (사이에)

 1) ing : The man (who is) studying it is James.

 2) To V : Please take time to review it.

on   ~ 위해, ~ 하자마자

implement   v. 시행하다

  -> I say we implement it immediately.

customer base   n. 고객층

  -> We need to appeal to a wider customer base.

alteration   n. 변화, 개조

  -> They are making some alterations to the house.

reflect   vt. 나타내다, 반영하다

  -> Our newspaper aims to reflect the views of the local community.

reveal   v. 드러내다, 밝히다

  -> The winner of the award will be revealed before the conference begins.

solely  ad. 오로지, 단지 ; 단독으로

  -> She was motivated solely by self-interest.

fairly  ad. 상당히, 꽤 (fairly easy 상당히 쉬운, fairly typical 상당히 전형적인, fairly well, fairly soon)

  -> Our technology specialist recommends that we check for software security updates fairly regularly.

preposition   전치사

conjunction   접속사

apart from   pre. ~ 외에는, ~을 제외하고

  -> I've finished apart from the last question.

inspect  v. 점검하다

  -> The teacher walked around inspecting their work.

as well as  ~에 더하여, 게다가

  -> All this, as well as discounts at thousands of hotels worldwide.

substantially  ad. 상당히, 많이

  -> The costs have increased substantially.

by means of   ~의 도움으로

  -> The load was lifted by means of a crane.

as a token of thanks   고마움의 표시로

on behalf of (somebody)  ~을 대신하여

  -> On behalf of the department I would like to thank you all.

demand increases   n. 수요 증가

promising   a. 유망한

  -> He was voted the most promising new actor for his part in the movie.

apply   v. 신청하다, 적용하다

   -> The new technology was applied to farming.

direct   v. 지시하다

  -> To get noticeable results, the fertilizer must be applied over a period of times as directed on the container.

nonetheless   ad. 그렇더라도, 그렇기는 하지만

  -> The book is too long but, nonetheless, informative and entertaining.

accurate   a. 정확한

prudent   a. 신중한

substantial   a. 상당한

restore  v. 회복시키다

  -> The measures are intended to restore public confidence in the economy.

reside   v. 살다, 거주하다

  -> He returned to Britain in 1939, having resided abroad for many years.


opulent   a. 호화로운, 엄청나게 부유한


adjustable   a. 조절 가능한

   -> adjustable seat belts

exceptional   a. 이례적일 정도로 우수한, 특출한

  -> At the age of five he showed exceptional talent as a musician.

frown   v. 얼굴을 찌푸리다

  -> Where are you frowning at me for?

incorporate   v. 포함하다 ; 설립하다

  -> Many of your suggestions have been incorporated in the plan.

business daily    매일

  -> It is open for business daily.

hassle free   성가시지 않은

  -> Our automated scheduling and payment system make working with us hassle-free.

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 어렴풋이 살아갈 방향 같은 것도 알 수 있었다. 누군가를 이기는 것은 중요한 것이 아니다. 기록을 단축하는 것도, 완주를 해내는 것도 정말 중요한 것은 아니다. 못할 것 같은 일, 이미 늦어버린 것 같은 일, 뒤처지는 것이 두려워 시작하지 못했던 일을 천천히 나의 속도로 해내는 것. 설령 완주하지 못해도 괜찮다. 기념품은 대회에 참가만 해도 받을 수 있으니까. 그것으로 됐다.

 즐거운 마음으로 뛰듯이 걷는다. 걷다가 힘이 생기면 그때 뛰면 된다.


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